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Landscape design that boosts your home’s value

If two identical neighbouring properties were on the market and one of them had a well-designed garden, the one with the well-designed garden would sell first. It’s frequently the first thing that potential purchasers notice. When upgrading the interior of a property for methods to increase value, it wasn’t long ago that the garden was usually left until last, if at all. Things are a little different these days.

Talk to the Professionals

Your home may be your most precious thing, but that doesn’t imply you’ll get more money out of it if you invest more money into it. You should consult with pros before beginning any undertaking. Depending on what you want to undertake, you could require the help of a landscape designer or an architect (if it’s a structural project). Adding value is the new thing, but the question is how to spend your hard-earned money wisely. An essential part of the process is to talk to a professional such as Ray White Te Atatu. You can ask Ray White Te Atatu agents about this topic, and no doubt they will help you. Diane Stevenson hired the most professional agents in the town, and while talking to them, you will understand why!

Garden Improvements Pay Off

A few deck chairs, a lemon tree, and a patch of lawn aren’t going to cut it anymore when it comes to your garden. More Kiwis are willing to pay for a comfortable outdoor living space, a refuge to party and rest in. The clients commonly inquire about if remodelling their backyards will increase the value of their homes. Diane Stevenson’s team at Ray White Te Atatu will ensure you get all the information about upgrading your property.

Getting a house evaluation before and after the improvement can give you an accurate idea of the value-added. Landscaping was ranked fourth out of ten for the most excellent value-adding initiatives in a television show. With land and home prices remaining high, it’s wise to optimize outside space and develop exterior living areas that appeal to a broad audience in street appeal, functionality, and saleability.

Spend Wisely

The sky’s the limit, so find out how much your property is worth and what its maximum value is. Speak with an excellent real estate agent in your area, such as Ray White Te Atatu. The key is to avoid overspending and overpaying for alterations that will not reflect the final market price. Maintain a work’s scale and expenses in proportion to its total value. This is one of the best pieces of advice that you will get from Diane Stevenson.

Do Your Homework

  1. Make a plan, either on paper or in your thoughts. It’s easy to get carried away and raze the entire land.
  2. Consider the project thoroughly. If you’re stuck on ideas or need some inspiration, hire a landscape designer to help you get started.
  3. Consult real estate agents such as Ray White Te Atatu agents and your local council  to learn more about what’s possible and what’s not for your property and the area you reside in.

Add Structural Value

Pergolas, decks, fencing, and a carport garage are some of the most significant ways to maximize the use of the garden while also adding value. Outdoor fencing gives privacy and security, while a garage provides protection and storage for your car and valuables.

All are precious assets

However, because these are usually expensive products, acquire a few quotations first to determine whether it still fits within your budget. Building a garage or carport is a large project, so make sure you have the funds and time to see it through. Remember that a shoddy job will devalue your home rather than increase its value. A lot of this work will necessitate the acquisition of permissions and consents. Even the Diane Stevenson team will provide you with the necessary information, and you can always check with your local council for any limitations.

If you prioritize and choose functional features over attractive aspects, a small amount of money can go a long way.

Create Extra Space

  1. Make some space. Pruning or removing trees that have grown too large for the area or are blocking valuable light is recommended. 
  2. Patios or courtyards should be covered to provide shade and protection from the rain. This will allow you to make the most of living all year outdoors.
  3. Add more parking spaces; this is also an excellent method to increase the value if you have the area.
  4. To establish an entertainment area, open up or expand existing spaces. Adding value to a home by allowing outdoor living areas to flow freely from the interior is a highly efficient way to do it.

Before You Start to Check Out These Suggestions

  1. Don’t start anything you won’t be able to keep up with in terms of time or money.
  2. First and foremost, create street appeal. Swimming pools and spas aren’t always valuable additions. They have a lot of work. Prioritize the front of the house above the backyard. Prospective purchasers may not even get to the back of the home if the show looks terrible, but the back looks fantastic. Always make sure that you go through these steps with the real estate agents of Ray White Te Atatu.
  3. Don’t go overboard with the planting. Plants are expensive, and lawn space is an important consideration. Families perceive many advantages and value in having a lovely lawn to enjoy, significantly when house and garden proportions shrink.
  4. Make an effort to reach out to a larger audience. Do not include pricey elements only for luxury products, such as fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and intricate water features; instead, focus your money on more important things.

Simple Tricks to Revitalize Your House and Garden

  1. To refresh a tired portion of the garden, replant existing garden beds with colourful plants. Please work with the conditions you’ve got, whether they’re hot and dry or shady and moist. Native plants are simple to care for and adapt well to their surroundings.
  2. Plant trees for privacy or screening; this is a low-cost technique to create a live fence or screen.
  3. Ensure that letterboxes, fences, paths, and entranceways are in good working order. No one likes seeing filth on the inside or outside of their home.
  4. Using excellent pots and attractive plants, create a bright, welcoming entrance.
  5. Remove any plants that have reached the end of their useful life.
  6. Distracting garden elements, such as clotheslines, outbuildings, and undesirable views, should be blocked out.
  7. Stylish outdoor furniture, feature pots, and plants can be used to enhance existing courtyard settings.
  8. Keep things simple if you have a rental home. You’ll need to balance making an appealing, enjoyable space for your tenants to live in a while also not overburdening them or yourself with maintenance.

The expertise and experience of Diane Stevenson’s agents are unquestionable. They know how to navigate the market and make it work for you. Ray White Te Atatu agents are the people to call if you want someone who gets the job done and isn’t scared to make the tough decisions.

Decks and patios

In the industry, it’s common to hear that for every $1.00 spent on the exterior of a property, you get $2.00 back, and I believe that to be true.

Adding an outdoor area to a home is like adding an extra room. If it is partially enclosed, the transition from inside to external is seamless. The deck becomes an integral component of the home’s living spaces.

Everyone wants a place to dine and socialize outside, and as a result, this type of home feature has a high return on investment.

People nowadays have busier lifestyles than ever before, and they don’t want to spend their weekends staining and painting their deck. Many homeowners come to us to install composite decking shortly before selling their homes to give their outside areas a fresh, modern appeal.


Swimming pools are a significant investment that does not always pay off. Pools are sometimes a barrier by some because of the care required to keep them functioning. At the top end of the market, pools often provide a better return on investment; at the lower back, installing a pool does not always increase the value of a house.

Landscape design

A well-thought-out and implemented landscape design can significantly increase the value of a home.

At present, low-maintenance gardens are the most popular. When visitors see a well-kept garden with appropriate vegetation and mulched areas, it immediately benefits the home and can set it apart from similar properties on the market.

Outdoor kitchens and fires

Outdoor kitchens, like interior kitchens, are one of the most expensive house amenities, but they can add a lot of value to a home in the appropriate situation. Outdoor kitchens and fire pits, like pools, offer the best return on investment at the upper end of the market.

It is unlikely to produce a strong return at the mid-to-low end of the market. Therefore, it is worth completing some studies before embarking on this type of landscape design.

If you’re landscaping with the idea of selling, consider creating an adjustable and flexible area for the new owners. For example, if they already have a grill, it may not be worthwhile to construct one. Instead, you may have counter space, a sink, and enough for a refrigerator.

Outdoor fireplaces and pizza ovens are trendy, and many alternatives are available if you wish to install one. You can set portable fires as a temporary measure are an excellent option for attracting attention, especially while the house is on the market.

Quality landscape design and installation, whether you do it yourself or employ a professional, will raise the value of your property, and you can sell it faster. In my experience, it has proven to be a successful and gratifying strategy.

Just contact Diane Stevenson’s team, and you will be delighted with the new changes to your property.

Trust me! She strongly believes continuing education for herself, her Sales Team, and Property Management Team is paramount in the changing face of the Real Estate Industry.