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Blog – Property Valuations

Ray White Te Atatu: If you have questions about how a property valuation can help sell your house, we’ve got answers. Call or email us now.

Property valuation is the process of determining the value of a property at the moment of valuation. Both buyers and sellers need a property value, and it works both ways. For example, if you want to sell a house, a valuation will assist you in figuring out what a reasonable asking price is before you put it on the market.

Similarly, if you want to get into the valuation process, get a property appraisal from an expert real estate agent who will be helping you figure out what the market-related rent is and, as a result, what kind of yield you can expect. Ray White Te Atatu, a Parent Real Estate firm formed by Diane Stevenson and based in Auckland, New Zealand, has proven to be the finest in the industry.

Diane believes that continued education for herself, her sales team, and her property management team in the ever-changing real estate industry is critical. Diane has a thorough understanding of marketing ideas and practices, which has proven essential in helping her team and clients achieve outstanding sales results.

You probably want to keep the hassle and paperwork associated with selling or buying a home to a minimum. So you can contact a property management business to help you navigate and manage all of the processes involved, from the property valuation through the sale of your home to the purchase of your new house. Let’s start asking few basic questions concerning the appraisal process that you could have.

What happens throughout the process of valuing a business?

When running a property valuation, our valuator behaves much like a prospective buyer. Estate agents don’t use the same manner of following up a property valuation, but this will be depending on some key factors. They will assess the land that the property stands on based on topography, size, and location of the plot of land and the future development potential of the property.

After all, the value of Ray White Te Atatu is not only determined by what is on the land because there is always the potential for rezoning and future development. Our estate agent, or valuator, will also provide you with some information on recent sales and current property prices in your area, which will give both you and them a guide towards your property to be valued.

A property valuation appointment can take some time, as our evaluator will have to assess each part of your property. Patience is essential for a proper and complete valuation, so you should make sure to have enough time for the appointment and ask any questions you may have about the valuation process.

What to prepare before a valuation?

There are some things that you can do to prepare for the appointment with our estate agent. These will get the most out of your work and make it as easy and hassle-free as possible to get as accurate an estimate as you can of the property’s value.

The first thing is to do a little sprucing up of the place. A little tidying and decluttering help create and maximize the sense of highlight and space the property’s key features.

Another thing is any relevant paperwork you have for the property. Documents such as lease, building plans or rate information, and maintenance charges will help get the valuator up to speed and aid in you getting an accurate valuation.

Also, remember to ask questions and maybe write a few down as you prepare for the appointment. The more you know, the better, and understanding the process is vital in making informed decisions moving forward and developing a good relationship with estate agents and evaluators.

How can I increase the value of my property?

One always wants to add value to their home, if not solely for profit, then for the quality of life it often brings with it. There are many ways of adding value to your property, and not all of them involve extensive building and applying for planning permission.

First impressions are essential, so curb and garden appeal goes a long way in increasing the potential value of your home. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior gives your property a bright and stylish appearance from the street. A small garden can look very inviting and beautiful with simple additions like garden furniture or pots and planters. Or you are adding a deck to your garden to create an entertainment space.

Suppose you are willing and able to make extensions and build on to the property. In that case, additions such as extending your kitchen with a side-return can add a significant amount of value to the property. A new bathroom, or en suite, will undoubtedly add more value to the property, although this can be a costly endeavour if not appropriately planned.

Though, one doesn’t always have to build to create more space. Some existing facilities can change quickly to add value without breaking the bank on builders and materials. A garage, for example, could be converted into a living space, primarily if it isn’t housing a vehicle and you have room to park outside. 

Let us do the work

Buying and selling property can entail much admin and stress; we are here to eliminate that for you. Ray White Te Atatu offers a fresh, one-stop approach to real estate and property management focused on quality, simplicity, and performance. With a proven track record of ensuring market-leading returns to our investors, we understand that our clients want to work with experienced industry professionals they can trust.

Our end-to-end service means that we cater to all your real estate needs, making the journey from valuation to sale to purchase as easy as possible. As a trusted consultant to our investors and clients, we take pride in our ability to identify significant opportunities for our customers and guide them through the entire process. Contact our offices or visit our sales page to get started on your journey into the real estate market, or request a free valuation online if you would like to find out the market value of your home.