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Blog – Moving To The Area

What are some things I should think about if I’m thinking about moving to the area? – RAY WHITE TE ATATU

Relocating is an exciting opportunity, but it’s also a big decision. Have you thought it all the way through? Have you ever considered working in a new city, or perhaps a foreign country? It could be a dream come true or a source of dread, depending on your position.

New Zealand is an incredible country. The people are pleasant, the weather is beautiful, and the lifestyle is unrivalled, with an ideal pace for you and your children. So, if you’re serious about living a better life, New Zealand is the place to go. Most migrants opt to settle in Auckland, New Zealand’s most diversified and cosmopolitan metropolis. Auckland is also New Zealand’s economic hub, and it’s where most international companies choose to establish themselves.

Although it does not attract as many Irish as its Australian neighbour, New Zealand’s a more temperate climate, rich green countryside. That’s why the lower cost of living makes it an appealing option for families searching for a new home in Australia, mainly construction workers. Whether you’re itching to hop on the first jet out and continue your career in a new location, there are a few things to think about before you pack your belongings and leave everything behind.

Think about the pros and cons

When making a significant decision, the first thing you should do is consider the benefits and drawbacks. It’s even better if you do it on paper so you can see the difference. Are you relocating to make more money? Is there a better job? Is there something about the setting that appeals to you? On the other hand, how far away from your friends and family will you be? Is the price of living more than you’re used to? Putting these ideas down on paper in two lists can help you make a more informed conclusion. If you’re hesitant about several things, it’s time to move on to the following few points.

Know your new home

How well-versed are you in the location or country to which you’ll be relocating? Regardless of how near it is to home or whether you’ve only been there on vacation, moving with a degree of permanence brings with it several issues. Gather as much information as possible on the city where you’ll be relocating. Consider everything from public transportation and amenities to living costs and crime statistics. Consider all your information about where you presently live and work, and compare it to how much you know about your new location. For this, social media is an excellent source of information.

Find a place to live

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and home to over a third of the country’s population, is one of the most beautiful places there. If you enjoy water views, here is the place to be. You can rely on Diane Stevenson’s team if you can’t discover a place to rent or buy it. Diane has worked in the real estate market in West Auckland since 1991, first as a salesperson, then as a branch manager, before founding Buy West Realty Ltd and Buy West Property Management Ltd in 2000. Diane lived on the Peninsula for more than 20 years and appreciated the lifestyle it provides. Diane’s negotiation skills and her high level of communication, commitment, enthusiasm, organizational skills, and attention have all contributed to her continued success. Allow the professional sales and property management teams at Ray White Te Atatu to assist you with your next real estate transaction.

Know your job

If you’re moving to the same company to do the same job, you’re in luck: half the work is already done. You should, however, do your homework on the team you’ll be working with, your bosses, and any other distinctions in your new office. You’ll need to conduct a lot more study if you’re relocating for a new career. Learn everything you can about the firm, the role, the team, the rivals, and anything else. Job satisfaction will significantly influence your happiness as you relocate, mainly if it is the sole purpose for your relocation.

Salary vs cost of living

If you’re transferring to a different office within the same company, or if your company operates on a defined scale, this may be easy to figure out. If you want to start a new job with new pay, you should examine housing, transportation, childcare, and other things that will increase your cost of living. When you arrive in a nation where the cost of living is double what you’re used to, a significant pay raise might not seem so appealing. It would help if you also looked at the tax rates in your new neighbourhood.

How will you get there?

No, we aren’t seeking the answer “via plane.” Have you considered the cost of relocation? What about the time it will take for you to relocate and settle in? Is your employer footing the bill for your relocation? Have you considered how you’ll transport all of your belongings? Have you located a suitable residence? If not, you should be aware that Ray White Te Atatu is available to assist you. It’s also essential to determine how much of your belongings you’ll be bringing. If it’s a permanent relocation that necessitates selling your home and purchasing one in the new location, the simple solution may be to get everything with you. If you’re only travelling for a year or two, you’re not going to bring everything with you. But what about your belongings? Is it going into storage? Are you planning to stay in your existing home? Make sure you’ve given this a lot of thought.

Learn about the admin

It’s crucial to consider more than simply the physical motion of moving. You must also learn how to set yourself up as a team member at your new workplace. Consider work visas, taxes, registrations, and other processes linked with establishing yourself as a new team member in your new home, and conduct thorough research once more.

Consider your family

Employees with a spouse and children, as well as those who are single, will be affected. If you’re moving and plan to bring your family with you, you’ll need to consider the ramifications for them. Do they wish to relocate? Is it likely that your partner will be able to find work there? What about your children’s education? If you’re planning to live alone or with others, you should plan your home accordingly. In either case, Ray White Te Atatu will make sure that you find the ideal home. How far away from your parents, siblings, and extended relatives will you be if you’re moving alone? 

Visit your new home

Try to visit your new location before making a final selection if at all possible. Even if you’ve been there before, you’ll see a place through entirely different eyes if you know you’ll be living and working there. This is a convenient thing because you can have an idea of what will be in your life. There’s a chance you’re relocating somewhere too distant or too expensive for a scouting mission. Still, if possible, go and get a feel for the transportation and the area where you’ll be working – and potentially living. Your new employer may even bring you on board to assist you in making your final selection.

Think about the long term

When you’re attempting to wrap your head around the near future, which involves uprooting your entire life and settling into a new place, it might not be easy to think so far ahead (and possibly a new job). However, if you’re considering migrating, consider how long you’ll be staying. What is the duration of your contract? Do you think you could live there indefinitely? Would you want to make a home and raise a family there? Is the ultimate goal always going to be returning home? This crucial consideration will determine how you view the move and how much you’re willing to settle down. It could also be the deciding factor in whether or not you go at all.

Trust your gut

When it comes to making decisions, our gut instinct is quite powerful. Would you please take a few minutes when you’re considering relocating to listen to what it’s telling you? Is it ecstatic? Is it advising you against it? Is it causing you anxiety and fear? Remember that fear isn’t always the same as urging you not to go, so if you feel fear in your belly, examine it and consider what’s scaring you. If you break down your worries and fight to overcome them, you should be left with a strong gut instinct that will tell you whether or not you should go for it.

Everybody wants the best for themselves and their family, and we can assure you that relocating to Auckland will be the best decision of your life!