Pantea Wilson

Licensee Salesperson

Pantea has worked in the hair & beauty industry for over 12 years, most of this was in management and sales, which came with great achievements and many awards.  Working front line for many years, dealing with thousands of clients face to face, all with different needs and expectations has helped her to understand the importance of customer satisfaction and deliver on expectations.

After many years in customer service, she knows exactly what it takes to put a smile on her clients' face.  Every individual client is treated with utmost respect, pure honesty, and fulfillment of their expectations.  She lives by these three rules:

  • Treat people exactly how you want to be treated!
  • Listen to your client's needs, understand what it takes before you make a commitment!
  • ONLY promise if you can achieve and deliver

She strives to please and will go out of her way in order to deliver the best results for her clients and to make every experience a great memory. 

Her personal motto is: "I never dreamed about success, I worked for it!"